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What is Content Marketing as a Service?

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Read on to learn about the benefits of hiring a professional content marketing agency.

What is Content Marketing as a Service?

Content marketing as a service is a plug-and-play content solution for companies that want to expand their content marketing efforts without having to invest in an internal content team.

Instead of building out a content team, you can enlist the help of a content marketing agency to help your company reach your audiences through engaging educational content in the form of blog posts, thought leadership content, email newsletters, and more.

Why Content Marketing as a Service?

When done right, content marketing can become the leading driver of new leads, more customers, and higher sales.

When potential customers come across your content by searching for a specific query or when scrolling through social media, they start to recognize your brand and will start to consider you as a thought leader in your market.

For example, if you are a Bitcoin wallet provider and you provide clear, easy-to-understand answers to new Bitcoin users’ queries, your blog could become a go-to resource for “newcoiners” who will share your content with their friends when they have questions about Bitcoin-related issues.

What’s more, individuals who are finding your content may download your app or sign up for your product or service if they consider you a trustworthy company.

What Does Rise Up Media’s Content Marketing as a Service Work?

The bread and butter of what we do for our clients is researching content opportunities by identifying the right keywords with buyer intent, developing an in-depth content strategy, creating best-execution content with target keywords in mind, and providing link building to give the content a boost on Google.

We also provide an in-depth SEO Audit as part of our content packages (and as a standalone service) to ensure that the content we will produce will be published on an already SEO-optmized site.

We package that up into a monthly subscription to ensure that you can build out your content on auto-pilot without having to worry about the in’s and out’s of executing a content marketing strategy.

To learn how our team can add value to your content marketing efforts, send an email to

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