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Bitcoin Backlink Building

If you want to become an authority in the digital asset space, then you need to build trust in the market.

Content will help you get there, but there is one thing that can take your authority (and rankings) to the moon.

High-quality backlinks from reputable websites.

Link building is one of the most effective ways to show search engines that your website is a trusted voice in the Web3 industry.

But only if you have a plan…

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What can our link building do for your digital asset company?

At Rise Up Media, we get results

Our link-building campaign will help you: 

Boost your search engine rankings

Link building will help you rank highly for very specific (and competitive) keywords.

Get found for more keywords

Link building has a huge indirect benefit. You'll find that you are ranking for more keywords that you might not have considered before.

Become an authority in the digital asset industry

Show Google that you are the trusted voice in the industry and gain more exposure.

Outperform your competitors

Your competitors might have been around longer than you, but by using link building, you can show search engines that your website is more trustworthy and reliable.

Our Link Building Service

Below, we’ve outlined what we do as part of our service.

Backlink Audit

We start by reviewing the links you already have and how they’ve been built.

Using this data, we can identify any gaps that need to be filled and links that need to be built.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll do a deep dive into your closest competitors and look for any opportunities to outperform them.

Through this research, we’ll be able to see which websites are linking to them and how effective those links are.

Backlink Building Plan

Once we know more about your competitors, we’ll put together a link building plan that’s guaranteed to increase your authority in the market and build trust with search engines along the way.

This plan will focus on building high-quality links that get results sooner rather than later.

Build High-Quality Links

Each month, we’ll build a number of links back to your website using a variety of link building methods.

We can target ultra-specific keywords, and we’ll also gain rankings for additional keywords you might not have considered before.

How we measure results

At Rise Up Media, everything we do is measurable, and you can clearly see the results. 

To measure the performance of our content & SEO efforts, we look at the number of ranking keywords, the number of referring domains, and website traffic as our main SEO metrics. 

The more keywords the website ranks for, the more targeted organic traffic it will attract. 

If you feel comfortable adding us to Google Analytics and adding UTM tracking codes to CTA buttons within the published content, we can also track the traffic and conversion of each piece of content to gain more granular insight into content performance.


How we work

Link Building Process

Step 1

Book a call with us to discuss the project.

Step 2

We send you a proposal based on what your business needs.

Step 3

We start with a backlink and competitor audit.

Step 4

We build high quality links that take your rankings to the moon.

Step 5

We keep you updated as and when we have new links published.

Want to work with us?