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Standing out online is not easy, especially in the digital asset industry. There’s so much competition that it can be difficult to reach your audience and keep them engaged. 

Email marketing can help.  

Email is still one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal… if used correctly.

Email marketing continues to outperform social media and is proven to drive more traffic, leads, and sales over the long term.

When you combine valuable content with regular emails, you have the power to build a user base that trusts you. 


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How our email content can help

At Rise Up Media, we create outstanding email content

Content that will help you to: 

Attract a steady flow of new email subscribers, week in and week out

The email content we create can attract more of your ideal subscribers. This means you have a regular stream of new potential customers.

Build huge amounts of trust with your subscribers

Web3 companies don't generally have the best reputation. A solid email marketing plan can help you build trust and grow a loyal following that wants to do business with you.

Increase engagement with your subscribers and build better connections

Valuable email content should strengthen your relationship with your subscribers and increase open rates, clicks, and replies.

Make sales and increase revenue

Email has proven to be the one tool that continues to deliver consistent sales. Most other platforms don't allow you to reach 30%-50% of your audience like email does. This makes selling and promoting new products much easier.

Our Email Marketing Service

Below, we’ve outlined what we can do as part of our service

Analysis your current email marketing

If you already do email marketing, we can audit your current setup and content, and help you understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Plan your email campaign from start to finish

Whatever your business goals are, email marketing can help. We can plan and create specific email marketing campaigns to help you drive traffic and get more sales. 

Create email content for all your new content

Once we have written your new amazing blog content, we will then craft a number of emails you can send to your subscribers.

These emails will help peak your audiences’ interest and drive more subscribers back to your website.

How we measure results

At Rise Up Media, everything we do is measurable, and you can clearly see the results. 

To measure the performance of email marketing, we look at the following key metrics. 

 The number of new email subscribers you’re attracting.

 The open rate (although it’s not as accurate anymore).

 The click-through rate from emails.

 The traffic on your website following an email being sent. 

You can also send us these stats each month and we can advise you what we can do to improve it.

Email marketing is never done and will need constant tweaks and improvements over time.

We’ll be with you every step of the way!


How we work

Email Marketing Process

Step 1

Book a call with us to discuss the project.

Step 2

We send you a proposal based on what your business needs.

Step 3

We study your brand's voice and language.

Step 4

We send you the email content plan that you approve.

Step 5

We write value-packed content that converts subscribers into customers.

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