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What Is Mobile Push Notification Marketing? A Beginner’s Guide

Mobile Push Notification Marketing

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Bitcoin businesses face challenges in acquiring and retaining customers in the highly competitive industry. Mobile push notifications are a powerful tool to help businesses connect with their audiences. 

In this guide, we delve into what mobile push notification marketing is and how app-based Bitcoin businesses can optimally leverage this marketing channel.            

What Are Mobile Push Notifications?

Mobile push notifications are short messages or alerts sent by an app or a service to users on their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

These messages inform users of relevant information about a business, events, or triggers from certain actions within an app or from external resources. They mostly appear on the lock screen or the user’s notification center, allowing them to quickly see and interact with the message without opening the app.

Push notifications are delivered in real-time, allowing businesses to reach their users instantly, making it extremely valuable for time-sensitive information.

Initially, businesses have to request permission from users when they first install their app. Additionally, users have control over their mobile push notifications, which they can enable or disable from specific apps.

How Does Mobile Push Notification Marketing Work?

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Mobile push notification marketing involves sending targeted and relevant messages to a mobile app’s user. Here’s how it works:

App Installation

Users must first install the app on their device, i.e., their smartphone or tablet. Once this is done, the app can request permission to send push notifications. It’s essential to respect users’ preferences by allowing them to opt out at any time or easily manage their notifications.

User Segmentation

To ensure that the messages from the push notifications are relevant and specific to the users, marketers often segment their audience into various groups depending on the demographics, user behavior, location, or app activity. This allows for precision in meeting the users’ needs in their messaging.

Content Creation

Push notifications must be unique and designed to catch the user’s attention, prompting them to take the desired action. Depending on your business needs and strategy, they can be in the form of text, images, or video links with specific calls to action.

Timing and Frequency

A successful marketing strategy means giving relevant information to users at the right time. Timing is extremely crucial for the success of mobile push notification campaigns. You need to consider the user behavior and time zones to help you decide the best time to send out messages. Carefully manage the frequency of the messages to avoid overwhelming the user.

Delivery Using a Mobile Push Notification Service

Push notifications mainly use notification services provided by mobile operating systems, such as Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android, to get these messages out to the users. Businesses send messages to these services, which they convey to the users’ devices.

User Interaction

Once a user receives a mobile app push notification, they can interact with it. They can either tap on the notification to open the app or take a specific action, such as clicking a link or responding to a message.

Benefits of Mobile Push Notification Marketing for Your Bitcoin Business

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Here are some benefits that mobile push marketing brings to your Bitcoin business.

Real-time Engagement

Mobile push notifications provide real-time engagement for users. For example, timely updates on bitcoin price fluctuations, marketing trends, and news help keep the users informed on any critical developments. 

Real-time engagement also comes in handy when sending security alerts to your users in case of suspicious activity on their accounts. Alerts on transaction confirmation also provide transparency and reassure users that their transactions are proceeding as expected.

Better User Experience

Mobile push notifications allow users to receive personalized content that aligns with their interests and is valuable to them. Users can also easily provide feedback or ask for support through push notifications. This way, they serve as a direct channel for users to voice their complaints and concerns and seek assistance.

Push notifications also reduce app overload. They significantly lower the need to constantly check the app for updates or news by receiving important information directly to their feed.

Reengaging Users Back to Your App

Over time, users may become inactive or dormant on your app. However, you can easily rekindle their activity by sending them reminders or incentives to bring them back to your app. You can also offer discounts or special offers on your services to entice inactive users to revisit your website. 

You can use mobile push notifications to offer inactive users educational content such as webinars, articles, and tutorials. Bitcoin businesses that facilitate sales can give a gentle nudge to users with abandoned carts or incomplete transactions to finish up on their orders.

Cheap Alternative to Other Marketing Methods

Push notifications offer a lower cost than traditional marketing channels such as advertising, and often at no additional cost. This is because it doesn’t incur the cost of ad placements or clicks. It’s an effective means of communication with your existing user base since they have already installed your app and are subscribed to receive notifications.

How to Create a Mobile Push Notification Marketing Strategy

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Here are some tips to get you started executing mobile push notifications correctly.

Have a Compelling Opt-in Offer 

Having a compelling opt-in offer is a win-win situation; the opt-in serves as an incentive that provides value to the users while your business gets an opportunity to engage directly with the audience. 

You must clearly understand your audience’s preferences, interests, and pain points to do this. You must tailor your offer to align with what matters most to them. Communicate the benefits of push notifications from your business and how it will enhance their experience with your app.

Create Engaging Content 

In a world where users are constantly flooded with notifications, you must ensure that your content stands out. You must grab the users’ attention and entice them to take the desired action. 

You can achieve this by using a catchy headline, visually appealing image, or an intriguing message that piques your curiosity. Ensure that the users find it worthwhile by concisely providing value and avoiding unnecessary fluff.

Personalize the Message 

Personalization involves tailoring your notifications to address specific individuals or specific user segment groups. Users are more likely to interact with push notifications that feel personalized to them and their needs. 

To achieve high click-through and conversion rates, you need to collect and analyze user data from in-app actions, user preferences, user location, or purchasing history. Afterward, set up push notifications triggered by specific events such as abandoned shopping carts or completed transactions. Tailor your message to align with your user’s journey, such as crafting welcome messages or onboarding tips for new users.

Use A/B Tests to Figure Out What Works 

A/B testing, also known as split testing, compares two versions of a push notification to find out which performs better in different metrics, such as user engagement or conversion rates. This helps to take out the guesswork from your marketing efforts and make informed decisions based on the data collected. 

With this information, optimize your notifications over time using different elements such as message content, timing, or visuals. This way, your messages begin to resonate more with your users.

Use Push Notifications Sparingly

Push notifications are a powerful tool for engaging your users, and overuse or excessive notifications can lead to a negative user experience and app uninstalls. Use push notifications sparingly and avoid bombarding your users with information. 

Excessive notifications make users desensitize to your content and dismiss your messages. Prioritize quality over quantity with notifications that provide value to your users. Consider users’ time zones and set up automated triggers to send notifications when they are genuinely needed.

Offer a Straightforward Opt-Out

It’s important to allow users to unsubscribe from your push notifications. Moreover, make it a clear and visible option without having the user dig through menus and complex settings to get this done. 

Preferably, offer immediate opt-out and stop the messages as soon as they unsubscribe. Make sure to also comply with relevant regulations. This maintains a positive user experience by building goodwill and cultivating respect for your audience.

Measure the Notifications’ Effectiveness and Adjust

Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your push notifications by analyzing their performance. Be ready to adjust your strategy based on the data you find. Monitoring and analysis help you know what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to optimize for the better. 

Metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and user retention rates are examples of metrics used to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Optimization is an ongoing process that necessitates continuously refining your strategy based on data to help you align more with your users.

Reach Out for All Your Bitcoin Marketing Needs

Mobile push notifications have proven to be a versatile and effective strategy for engaging users and building brand loyalty. You can push your Bitcoin business to new heights by crafting more engaging, compelling, and time-sensitive push notifications that your audience appreciates.

Reach out to Rise Up Media here to help you stay ahead of the curve in harnessing the full power of mobile push notification marketing.


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