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Top 12 Bitcoin & Crypto Podcasts to Promote Your Brand

Crypto Podcasts

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Bitcoin and crypto podcasts can be a valuable platform for you to market your brand. However, with hundreds globally, finding the right one can be daunting. Getting on the right podcasts with an active listener base is one of the best ways Bitcoin and digital asset companies can increase their reach. 

Read on to find a list of the best Bitcoin and crypto podcasts to promote your business.

Best Bitcoin Podcasts

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Let’s start with a list of leading Bitcoin-only podcasts to consider for your brand. 

What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did is a podcast that interviews Bitcoin experts on governance, economics, adoption, and investment. The podcast is hosted by Peter McCormack, a former marketer turned podcaster (and now football club owner).   

Founded in 2017, the podcast has grown to 500+ episodes and airs twice a week. The podcast boasts an impressive guest list that includes developers, investors, authors, and journalists. Some industry heavyweights invited to the show include Andrea M. Antonopoulos, Nick Szabo, and Adam Back. 

The Stephan Livera Podcast

The Stephan Livera Podcast is one of the oldest Bitcoin podcasts, with over 500+ episodes to date. The podcast is hosted by Stephan Rivera, a partner at Bitcoin Ventures who contributes to several Bitcoin news outlets and publications. 

The Stephan Livera podcast launched in 2018 and is recognized as one of the top podcasts worldwide. The podcast airs twice a week, and guests are invited to discuss the economics and technology of Bitcoin. Stephan’s guests include entrepreneurs, bitcoin developers, economists, and analysts. 

Coin Stories Podcast

Coin Stories is ranked as the top woman-hosted Bitcoin podcast. Natalie Brunell, a popular educator and commentator in the Bitcoin community, hosts the podcast. Natalie interviews guests on their motivations and beliefs concerning Bitcoin and their input on socio-economic matters facing society. 

The Coin Stories podcast launched in 2021 and airs twice weekly. Some notable guests on the podcast include Michael Saylor, Peter Schiff, and Vivek Ramaswamy. It’s ideal for Bitcoin enthusiasts looking for a nuanced take on Bitcoin in the larger context of societal issues.  

The Pomp Podcast

The Pomp Podcast is a Bitcoin podcast hosted by Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano and covers topics such as business, finance, and crypto technology. Anthony Pompliano is an entrepreneur and technology investor who is popular in the Bitcoin community as a strong proponent of its adoption. 

The podcast aired its first episode in August 2018 and has since garnered 1200+ episodes. It is not only limited to fintech and crypto but also educates listeners on entrepreneurship, economics, and more. 

Anthony Pompliano’s approach is to have guests that appeal to a broader audience, reflected in the content’s intersection of business and finance. However, the podcast still has a core following from its Bitcoin roots. 

Simply Bitcoin

Simply Bitcoin is a daily Bitcoin podcast that keeps listeners updated with industry news and developments. The podcast host is Nico Moran, who is a director at Swan Bitcoin, a Bitcoin investment app. 

Simply Bitcoin airs episodes daily where the hosts give their take on various Bitcoin-related topics. The podcast has dropped 600 episodes on YouTube, Spotify, and Fountain. It caters to an audience that is looking to stay current on major Bitcoin developments. 

Tales From The Crypt (TFTC)

Tales From the Crypt is a podcast providing content covering areas like Bitcoin, economics, freedom, privacy, and technology. The podcast host, Marty Bent, describes himself as the Editor-in-Chief of the best Bitcoin newsletter. He is also a contributor to several industry publications. 

Tales From the Crypt interviews industry experts in Bitcoin, governance, and finance to discuss macro topics like energy and money. The podcast has dropped 461 episodes so far and mainly caters to an audience looking for an in-depth perspective on Bitcoin and other monetary issues. 

Rabbit Hole Stories

Rabbit Hole Stories is a Bitcoin podcast where hosts Joel Kai Lenz and Ian Scanlon invite guests to discuss the story of how they fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and the latest trends and events in Bitcoin.  

The show airs weekly and has dropped close to 50 episodes to date. Guests on the podcast include entrepreneurs, writers, students, filmmakers, and others interested in sharing their Bitcoin journeys. 

Best Crypto & Web3 Podcasts

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Now, let’s look at some of the most popular crypto and Web3 podcasts to promote your business. 


Unchained is one of the longest-running crypto podcasts out there. The podcast dropped in 2016 and airs twice weekly. The host, Laura Shin, is a leading crypto-journalist and the author of “The Cryptopians.” 

Unchained covers various crypto-related topics, including Bitcoin, altcoins, crypto policy, and regulations. The show has aired 574 episodes so far. The podcast is useful for listeners looking to stay informed on current events in the crypto space, regulatory changes, and discussions on the future potential of crypto projects.


Bankless is a crypto podcast focussing on the Ethereum ecosystem and developments in Web3. The hosts, Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, cover many topics, including DeFi, NFTs, L2 tokens, and more. The show has attracted notable guests like Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Coinbase CEO Jesse Powell, Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenkon and others. 

Bankless launched in 2020 and airs once a week. The platform has grown beyond the podcast to include a newsletter and its own DAO. Bankless aims to give investors the tools needed to navigate the crypto markets. The podcast is geared toward an audience interested in decentralized finance and broader blockchain technology. 

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Joel Comm and Travis Wright host The Bad Crypto Podcast to help new cryptocurrency investors understand and navigate the space. The show hosts tackle hot-button issues in crypto and invite guests to give their opinions. The mood of these discussions is light and easy for listeners to follow. The podcast airs once a week and is ideal for newbies to the crypto industry. 

The Defiant Podcast

The Defiant Podcast is hosted by Camila Russo and focuses on discussions around decentralized finance (DeFi). Camila Russo is a crypto-journalist who regularly speaks at crypto events and appears on major news outlets. 

The Defiant podcast invites prominent players in the DeFi space, like the CEO of Aurora Labs, Alex Shevchenko, founder of Centrifuge, Lucas Vogelsang, and others. The podcast airs once a week and caters to crypto investors looking to keep abreast of developments in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Go on As Many Podcasts As Possible to Promote Your Brand!

If you are on the fence about using podcasts to promote your brand, here are some reasons you should consider:

  • Podcasts allow you to tap into a highly engaged and active audience who can listen to you on the go on their phone, and often for hours. This makes it a powerful tool for building brand awareness.
  • You can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by contributing your industry knowledge during podcast discussions. 
  • Podcasts allow you to reach a wider and more diverse audience than you may not access using traditional means of marketing.
  • You can create a loyal following by delivering consistent and high-quality content about your brand.
  • You can use podcasts to show consumers how different your brand is from others in the market through personality, company, culture, values, and more. 
  • Offer your consumers a more interactive experience through calls to action that drive conversions. 
  • Build a community of loyal followers by having Q&A sessions and product giveaways. 

Reach Out for Help With Promoting Your Bitcoin Brand

Podcasting isn’t going away. The sooner you plug into it this (free) marketing channel, the better for your brand. Contact us if you need help reaching out to podcasts and getting you and your brand on shows. 

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