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Top 10 Crypto Twitter Influencers to Follow to Learn About Bitcoin

Crypto Twitter Influencers

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Twitter is a great place to learn about Bitcoin. To help you stay abreast of the latest in Bitcoin, we have curated a list of the top ten twitter crypto influencers that you can follow to learn more about the world’s leading digital currency.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, bitcoin advocate, educator, and expert in the bitcoin and open blockchain technologies field. With five books under his belt, Antonopoulos is a sought-after speaker. He has been featured in local publications such as the Financial Times, BBC, CNN, and Bloomberg, among others, due to his expertise in the field.

If you want to understand Bitcoin in much simpler terms without the jargon that’s always associated with it, then Antonopoulos is your go-to twitter crypto influencer. Why? Because he has the ability to make complex subjects on Bitcoin and blockchain easy to understand and grasp.

Dan Held

Dan Held is the Director of Growth Marketing at Kraken and an avid bitcoin supporter. Before joining Kraken, Held worked at Interchange, a portfolio reconciliation tool for crypto institutional traders. Kraken would, later on, acquire Interchange. He has also worked at Uber. Held built some of the most popular early crypto products. These include ChangeTip, which was later acquired by Airbnb, and ZeroBlock, which was bought by This was prior to his working at Uber.

Held is the author of The Held Report on Subtstack – a weekly newsletter that he writes. The newsletter explains Bitcoin simply and has more than 500,000 subscribers who are both investors and traders.

Alex Gladstein

Alex Gladstein currently works as the Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation, a writer for Bitcoin Magazine, and a speaker. Gladstein’s work is heavily based on promoting free and open societies. As an avid Bitcoin supporter, he advocates for Bitcoin as a tool for human rights. He has written on why Bitcoin matters for freedom. Moreover, he also co-authored ‘The Little Bitcoin Book’ back in 2019.

The BBC, CNN, TIME, WIRED, and Quartz are some of the big media outlets that have featured Gladstein’s writing. He is a top crypto influencer to follow if you want to understand what role cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin play in the fight for human rights.

Anita Posch

Anita Posch is a bitcoin advocate, podcaster, and author. She has a weekly newsletter where she explains bitcoin to her subscribers in easy language and the current developments around it. Her book, (L)earn Bitcoin – Become Financially Sovryn, is available in three languages – English, German, and Spanish.

Posch’s podcast – The Anita Posch Show – is a great resource for anyone looking to understand what bitcoin is. She has interviewed 100+ Bitcoin startup founders, developers, thinkers, and researchers in an effort to document what Bitcoin is and give her listeners an opportunity to learn from the best.

Jack Dorsey

Former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is definitely a Bitcoin influencer that you should be following on Twitter. Besides being the co-founder and former Twitter CEO, Dorsey is also a technological entrepreneur and philanthropist. He currently runs Block, a digital payments and financial services company that’s helping to push Bitcoin forward. Just recently, Dorsey announced that Block will be moving forward with its plans to build an open bitcoin mining system.

Dorsey is a big-time bitcoin advocate who believes that Bitcoin will replace the US dollar. Dorsey has spent years advocating for bitcoin and its potential, with his company pushing crypto-embracing features to his over 6.1 million followers. He is a must-follow if you want to know more about the developments in the crypto space.

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor is an advocate for the Bitcoin standard ( and believes in corporate bitcoin adoption as a reserve asset. Saylor is the Chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy (MSTR), a publicly-traded business intelligence firm that he founded back in 1989. He is also the founder of (ALRM) and author of the book “The Mobile Wave.” He founded and serves as a trustee for the Saylor Academy, a non-profit organization that has provided free education to over 1 million students.

Saylor has been featured on various media outlets such as Bloomberg Technology, Yahoo Finance, Bitcoin Magazine, CoinDesk, and Business Insider, among others, where he shares his insights on Bitcoin.

Adam Back

Adam Back is another top Bitcoin influencer that you should be following. Back is a cryptographer and cypherpunk. He is the CEO of Blockstream, which he co-founded back in 2014. Back has been working on e-cash protocols since 1995 and invented the hashcash. Hashcash is a proof-of-work concept that’s used in the Bitcoin mining process. Back is said to be among the first two people to get an email from Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

In his line of work, Back has promoted the use of mesh and satellite networks to broadcast and receive Bitcoin transactions as a backup to the traditional internet.

Edan Yago

Edan Yago describes himself on LinkedIn as “an anti-finance financier and radical optimist” who is “a passionate advocate for the mass adoption of open, borderless, and incorruptible finance.” Yago is the Founder and CEO of Sovryn – a decentralized application that allows users to trade Bitcoin on Layer 2 in a permissionless, noncustodial, and censorship-resistant way. Sovryn also has a suite of decentralized tools that bridge Bitcoin with other aspects of both DeFi and traditional finance.

Besides Sovryn, Yago also founded other companies that are in the crypto space, including CementDAO and Epiphyte. If you want to understand the role of Bitcoin in decentralized finance, Yago is the person to follow.

Muneeb Ali

With over 80K plus followers on Twitter, Muneeb Ali is the Founder of Stacks and Co-founder and CEO at Hiro. Stacks is an open-source platform that brings apps and smart contracts to Bitcoin. Hiro, on the other hand, is a developer tooling company in the Stacks ecosystem. Muneeb is also attributed to the regulatory framework that resulted in the first SEC-qualified offering for a cryptocurrency asset. Additionally, he also co-authored the Proof-of-Transfer (PoX) consensus and Protothread.

He wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the foundations of a crypto Internet, which formed the basis of the Stacks network. Ali has a Ph.D. from Princeton University. His alma mater occasionally invites him to give guest lectures. Ali also writes on crypto and Internet protocols.

Alex Lielacher

Alex Lielacher is an ardent Bitcoin advocate and the founder & CEO of Rise Up Media, a Bitcoin-first content marketing agency. Alex also founded – Africa’s leading Bitcoin news publication. Prior to his work in Bitcoin, he was a bond trader in the City of London.

Alex has been working in Bitcoin since 2016 and has contributed to a large number of online media publications, including Bitcoin Magazine, Brave New Coin, Cryptonews, and Investopedia.

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