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What Is Google AI Overview? Here’s What You Need to Know

Google AI Overview

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Google’s new AI-powered search engine feature, Google AI Overview, is poised to fundamentally change how users interact with search engine results by offering an intuitive and novel approach to finding information.

So, what exactly is Google AI Overview, and why is the phrase “Google will do the googling for you” becoming popular?

Read on to find out! 

What Is Google AI Overview?

Google AI Overview is a search results feature that provides an AI-generated summary of topics for your query directly below your search input. That means you don’t have to scroll through an entire webpage, sift through the information, and click on multiple links. 

Instead, you can pose a complex query and receive a summarized answer that responds to the question and provides you with a range of perspectives and more reading links for your research. More importantly, it reduces the time spent clicking back and forth on search results. 

Think of it as an AI-powered snippet, but instead of displaying a short no-click paragraph, you get a concise take of several search results. 

How Does Google AI Overview Work?

The foundation of the new AI tool is “Google will do the Googling for you. Just ask.”

This approach is meant to make search more efficient and provide more contextual answers. 

Google AI Overview will display a condensed step-by-step guide to frying an egg. The tool will collect information from culinary blogs, online forums, cooking videos, and more to craft a summary with instructions on achieving this.

If you want to further research, click on the cited links beneath the response. 

The Impact of Google AI Overview on SEO

Now that we know how Google AI Overview works, we can explore its impact on your content marketing strategy

Traditional SEO practices focus on keyword optimization, blogging to build backlinks, and other on- and off-page dynamics. However, with Google AI, the emphasis is on context, user intent, and relevant content. 

Here are some ways in which Google’s new AI tool is influencing SEO:

  1. Prioritizing content relevance over keyword optimization: The rise of SEO for AI search required marketers to shift towards crafting content that uses keywords in a meaningful context.
  2. Evaluate high-quality content: Google AI Overview is more likely to feature high-quality content that is informative, structured, and authoritative on the subject matter. For content to be visible to Google AI, it has to be detailed and provide clear answers to search intent. 
  3. Factors user experience (UX) when ranking content: Google’s AI evaluates factors like page loading speeds, site usability, and mobile readability to rank content. The algorithm analyses user engagement metrics like bounce rate, average duration on a page, and level of interaction to determine the quality of a user’s experience. Essentially, these are all things we like to optimize when we conduct technical SEO for a website.
  4. Optimizing content for zero-click searches: Google AI’s ability to generate instant responses leads users to find information without leaving SERPs. To make their content visible to Google AI, businesses must optimize content to answer questions in a clear and concise manner using simple language.  

Talk to Us to Improve Your AI Search Ranking

Google AI Overview presents a unique opportunity for your brand’s content to be featured in AI search results. The improved visibility can drive more users to your site and deeper engagement with your content. 

Contact us if you’d like to optimize your content for AI Search!

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