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How to Conduct a Content Gap Analysis: A Beginner’s Guide

Content Gap Analysis

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Conducting a content gap analysis allows you to find shortcomings in your content and come up with strategic content ideas that will generate more traffic to your website.

This guide will explain how to run a content gap analysis and improve your SEO. 

What Is a Content Gap Analysis?

A content gap analysis refers to identifying missing keywords and topics in your current content compared to competitors’ or industry standards. 

The analysis is useful in learning about weaknesses in your content that affect your customers’ buyer journey and figuring out how to remedy them. You can also discover new keyword opportunities you are not exploiting with your current content. 

A content gap analysis typically involves an audit of your site landing pages, blog section, social media content, ebooks, and other forms of content.

Why Is a Content Gap Analysis Important? 

A content gap analysis will come in handy when you want to create new content. It helps you identify several great keywords that your competitors’ websites are ranking for, but you don’t. 

Incorporating a gap analysis into your content marketing strategy helps you:

  • Create quality content faster: Analyzing content gaps can help you discover content ideas you may have overlooked. 
  • Continuously update your content: New market trends or competitor activity may require you to update certain pieces of your existing content. Consider how valuable your content still is compared to other pages in search results. 
  • Portray your expertise on the subject matter: Identifying information gaps in your content and adding it will help you cement your brand as a subject matter authority.
  • Create content clusters: Topic clusters can help you organize your content, and by finding a target keyword for a cluster you missed, you can make your content more encompassing. This helps visitors to stay longer on your site and ultimately brings in more conversions.

How to Do an SEO Gap Analysis: Step-by-Step 

The simplest way to conduct a content gap analysis is to use an SEO tool to evaluate competitor keywords and topics. We will use Ahrefs for this guide. 

To get started, log onto Ahrefs and access the main dashboard. On the dashboard, navigate to the ‘Site Explorer’ tool on the top sidebar and click on it.

site explorer

Once you have accessed the Explorer, enter your site’s URL.

Since we work with Bitcoin and Web3 companies, we will look at, the website of a popular European Bitcoin savings app.


Proceed to the ‘Content Gap’ tool on the left sidebar.

gap analysis bitcoin

To find new keyword opportunities, enter your competitors’ URLs in the top section of the Content Gap window.

For this example, we will add two other leading European Bitcoin apps, Relai and Coinfinity.

Click ‘Show keywords’ to see which keywords you aren’t ranking for, but your peers are.

In this case, Ahrefs has shown us a list of German Bitcoin-related keywords as 21Bitcoin (as well as Coinfinity and Relai) primarily operates in the German-speaking markets.

While competitor-branded keywords would not work for 21Bitcoin, any listed keywords related to buying and selling BTC would be a great place to start creating new content, for example.

Pro Tip: If you are still determining who your competitors are, you can use the ‘Organic competitors’ feature on the left sidebar of the Site Explorer to find comparable websites that are ranking for similar keywords

Reach Out For Help With Your SEO Strategy

Running a content gap analysis will help you find missing content that should be on your website to increase organic traffic and drive more customers to your product or service.

If you are looking for a partner to help create and implement an SEO strategy, you are in the right place! Contact us now for an effective SEO strategy and implementation for your brand!

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